My English Friend +My Grammar Guru


My English Friend

 (Very easy & effective program to learn spoken & written English)

In this course you will learn:

·         TYT (Twist Your Tongue method to Speak English Fluently).

·         Direct-Method i.e. situational method. (No need to learn Translation)

·         Tense = Tension.

·         Game of five.

·         Five points system (To learn spoken English easily).

·         Complete list of Short form for Spoken & Written English.

·         Phonetics of Short forms for fluency.

·         Complete list of Negative Short forms for Spoken & Written English.

·         List of Short words which Speaks & write oftenly e.g. want to, wannna, don’t know Dunno.

·         All lessons with complete conversational practice and Exercise.

·         Three Imperative sentences in each lesson. So total 180 sentences.         (a book)

·         Define every difficult word.

·         More than 1000 words which use in daily life situation.

·         Learn with fun puzzles to enrich Vocabulary.

·         Special attention to improve Pronunciation (Phonetics).

·         Covered all topics of Spoken & Written English.

·         A special topic on Hesitation during Spoken English.

·         A special topic on ‘Divide & Rule’ method which can be applied in    Spoken English to speak fluently and confidently.

·         Some very practical tips to be Master in Spoken & Written English.

·         More than hundred Vocabulary figures to understand easily.

·         A topic ‘Don’t speak it’ (The common mistakes which we make very often during Spoken & Written English.


Highlight of My English Friend:

·         Set of 2 books + 1 VCD + 1 memory/revision chart + 1 book mark

·         Your home tutor for Spoken English.

·         Very Easy & 100% Effective method.

·         Tense = Tension based (a unique method).

·         Primary to advance Spoken English.

·         A family package.

·         Thousands of satisfied English learners.

My Grammar Guru

(A course for learning & teaching grammar)

In this course you will learn:

·         Complete grammar elementary to advance.

·         Systematic & deep study of grammar.

·         Complete study of letter, words, parts of speech, sentences and all other topics of grammar.

·         Detailed and complete study with its all types and sub-types of word formations, Derivatives, Suffixes, Antonyms, Synonyms, Paronyms, Homonyms and

·         Verbs, proverbs, spelling, Difference between British & American English, Figure of Speech, Parts of speech and

·         Tense, Translation (e.g. can, have to, should, used to, would like to……….), voice and

·         Conjugation of verbs, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Subjects and Predicate, Phrase & Clause, Sentence, Synthesis, Degree, Narration and

·         Punctuation, Verb patterns etc.

·         Short forms, Negative Short forms, Pronunciation (Phonetics), Puzzles etc.

Highlights of My Grammar Guru:

·         Set of 2 books + 2 big & colored memory/revision charts.

·         Your home tutor for complete English grammar.

·         More than 360 topics of English Grammar.

·         Very easy & 100% effective method.

·         ‘Topic at a glance’ to revise the topic.

·         Useful for CBSE/ICSE/ISC/State boards and all Competitive exams students.

·         Easy Presentation with charts of every topic.

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My English Friend +My Grammar Guru

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