-20% English Handwriting Improvement Just In 21 hrs ,7 to 58 years


You will learn and improve in this English Handwriting Improvement Course:

·         Legible cursive handwriting.

·         Proper & Ideal posture for handwriting.

·         Right pencil/pen gripping.

·         New line starting.

·         Proper and even inter-space between letter and words.

·         Proper and even space, inter-space between two lines.

·         Making of Parallel strokes, upstrokes and down strokes.

·         Making of Clockwise and Anticlockwise curves and extra practice of important and hand curves.

·         Rapidly making of cursive running with slight right slope letter with minimum pen lifting.

·            Proper and even making of uppercase and lowercase letters.

·            Uniform size, shape of letters.

·            Joining of tails with all letters each other.

·            Special focus on ideal speed of handwriting and speed test.

·            Practice of proper making of ‘S’ movements.

·            First, second and third joins.

·            Writing and spelling and double letter practice handwriting.

·            Special practice on Four lines, Three lines, Two lines. Single  

        lines, Dots and Plane sheet.

·         How to keep left hand margin.

·          Stylish handwriting (Calligraphy) with different font style.

·         Also for Polish, Spanish, Estonian, Dutch, Filipino, German,    

          Italian, Latin and French handwriting Improvements.

Highlights of  English handwriting Improvement Course:

·         Set of 21 Exercise Sheet + 1 VCD + 1 ink pen.

·         100 Result even poorest handwriting Just one hour daily practice in 21 hrs.

·         For 6 to 60 Years age group. Anybody can improve his/her handwriting.

·         Your home tutor for handwriting.

·         First time in the world of it’s kind.

·         Thousands of Fantastic results.

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English Handwriting Improvement Just In 21 hrs ,7 to 58 years

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