About Director

 Anu Sharma (Devendra K. Sharma) is Founder, CEO, English Linguist, Writer, Calligraphist & Teacher and born on 5 September i.e. Teacher day. He is teaching since 1994 from his college days.

In 1999 he has opened Anu’s English Academy. He has taught about 60000 students in his classes, seminars, workshops etc. He has developed very unique and magic technique to learn spoken English.

He has written many books like English very easy by Upkar Publication Agra (India), Communicative English by Rakhi Publication, Agra (India). During teaching he got that mostly students are sick of their handwriting so has developed a magic course to improve English / Hindi handwriting after a long research.

He has also developed a magic course to learn Spoken English like childs play, My English friend – Anu Sharma is also a motivator. He organises seminar workshop etc.

Anu Sharma has taken spoken english classes for Army Soldiers.

Anu Sharma has developed a magic kit to improve handwriting which can improve your English Handwriting just in 21 hrs and Hindi Handwriting just in 14 hrs. its’s surprising but truth.